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Case Studies

From VCA (Value Creation Assessment) to Exit, a Fintech Firm Reenvisions Their Go-to-Market Strategy

This financial technology company puts easy-to-use risk management and portfolio analysis tools into the hands of professional investors. Although it had 30,000 customers, its current organizational structure, strategy and growth trajectory were stagnant or declining and threatened to diminish its valuation. 

Xyngular Contact Center Assessment

Health and wellness company Xyngular prides themselves on delivering a personal customer experience. When the organization experienced an unexpected surge of consumer inquiries to their call center, the leadership team recognized a need to improve the customer experience.

Pricing & Packaging Revamp for Fortune 500 Cybersecurity Company

As a market leader for cybersecurity and digital risk management solutions, this tech company sought a strategic refresh of pricing and packaging (P&P) for their enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

Accelerating Results by Repositioning Solutions
Transformed the growth projections of a global systems integrator that was struggling to turn a profit.
Developing Products to Breed Innovation
Crafted creative sales solution for a Fortune 500 client.
Efficiently Selling & Integrating Companies
Drove growth and an exit for a tech-enabled services company.
Igniting Growth to Achieve Higher Valuation in Exit
Helped a boutique Human Capital Management vendor increase organic growth.
Integrating Private Companies, Increasing Profitability
Integrated private companies which reduced turnover and grew profitability.
Increasing Brand Recognition Via Social Media
Increased social media presence for gaming company.
Raising Capital Through Strategic Alignment and Operational Efficiency
Designed and executed a successful investment strategy for a pre-revenue startup.
Separating Companies to Spur Growth
Separated two business units into two separate companies to facilitate ownership desires.
Accelerating Route-to-Market
Facilitated investment and developed go-to-market strategies to kick-start growth.
Selling a Business in the Age of Digital Disruption
Found a creative exit strategy for a technology company.
Leveraging Digital Marketing as an Engine of Growth
Identified and designed the essential digital assets needed to strengthen brand equity for a genetics assay instrument manufacturer.
Turning a Distribution Company Profitable Via Technology and Systems
Driving profitability through applying technology best practices.


Beyond the Bot
In the post-pandemic world, Customer Experience drives purchase decisions. AI can power significant market advantage with hyper-personalized experiences.
Growth Through SKU Optimization - Part 1 of 4: SKU Your Proliferation
SKUs can be like rabbits -- they keep on multiplying.
Driving Growth While Enchanting Your Customers
Five steps anyone can follow to R.E.A.C.H that enchanting moment with their customers.
The Entrepreneur’s Journey: It’s Personal
How to shape your business’ monomyth and thrive.

Performance Abstracts

Alex Brodsky: Nielsen
Nielsen’s Enterprise IT division’sClient Portal was 15 years old and had over 150,000 customers accessing the platform...
Bob Caruso: DXC
Digital transformation can be defined in many ways. Our goal was to bring the full power of a digital enterprise...
Bob Caruso: Deloitte
When I was brought on, Deloitte’s performance in the entertainment sector was weak...
Bob Caruso: Endeavor Management
As with every start-up, my partners and I bootstrapped the business from a dead start. The critical challenges were...
Bob Caruso: J.D.Power
I had a significant set of challenges to overcome. I was chartered with spearheading the development of proprietary VOC...
Chris Butlin: Visible Genetics
Based on my reputation for excellence in software management, my mandate at VGI was to improve the organization of the...
Chris Freeman: DDB Worldwide
A significant change in financial and insurance legislation presented State Farm with the opportunity to expand their offer...
Chris Morton: SkyCross
A young company with superior antenna technology and IP that, although experiencing sizable growth, was still lagging in profits...
Craig Potts: CheckFree Corporation
CheckFree was a founder started and led (Pete Kight) company that went public early in 1997 as a Financial Software...
Craig Potts: Navicure
Navicure was a founder-started company with angel investors in 1999 and took its first and only round of minority investment...
Darren Schwartz: Centria
The ABA market was and still is, very fragmented. There are very few national companies, even fewer in 2016...
David Steen: Food & Beverage Startup
The founder had a vision for an IoT-based coaster device that would alert a bartender when a drink needed to be refilled...
Frank Foster: AT&T AdWorks
In January 2009, AT&T wanted to build a local advertising business for its U-verse pay television platform...
Howard Joyce: Enablon
Enablon was a global software company that became a global leader in their market segment in just 10 years...
Jim Barnish: Florida Funders
A small group of investors required effective, scalable processes to build a true deal pipeline...
Jim Barnish: Racemi
Brought in by the Lead Investor Paladin Capital Group, Company was underperforming due to a dysfunctional GTM strategy...
Jim Barnish: Tradesmith
A B2C fintech firm with $30 million in revenue and 30 thousand customers was poised for growth but the current company...
John Blake: Ziff-Davis
A once robust and highly profitable publishing division of the company fell victim to a dramatic and unforeseen market shift...
Lauren A. Koenig: Morgan Hill Partners
Morgan Hill Partners had already attempted a rebrand, but lacked consensus around the following areas...
Nick Tarsi: Cybersecurity
After leading the market for more than 20 years, this cybersecurity enterprise was looking for a strategic refresh...
Nick Tarsi: KPMG
A state agency was using a large, custom-built system to provide benefits for approximately 1.8 million constituents...
Nicole Lev Ross: Bridgestone
The challenge was to build out a customer profitability performance analysis platform that could be utilized by...
Noel Burkman: Associated Press Institute
The API had commissioned Innosight, the consulting firm founded by Clayton Christianson, to develop a thesis for transformation...
Noel Burkman: Follet
The challenge at hand was to establish a digital presence and e-commerce platform for the legacy company...
Robert Nix: USA Funds
On July 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Education took over 100 percent of the federally guaranteed student loan...
Roy Stein: BabelBark
The pet products and services market is growing rapidly, regardless of macroeconomic conditions...
Roy Stein: Gridpoint
The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) division, which Gridpoint acquired during the ADMMicro acquisition, was underperforming...
Stephen Wolford: Snackwise
After struggling for two years to start their CPG wholesale distribution company, Snackwise was poised for unprecedented...
Stephen Wolford: StubHub
StubHub’s rapid domestic and international growth brought on transaction complexities within their supply and delivery...
Steven Horwitz: Tech Data
GE determined that their core competence; sales, solution development and services required focus and determined...