We solve critical issues at every stage of growth.

Our business acumen is our strength; it cascades across our suite of services and informs each phase of engagement, from our data-driven assessments to strategic planning and execution.

Analysis + Strategy

Value creation starts with Orchid Black's team. We use analytical tools and data from the get-go, starting with a comprehensive evaluation of every major business tenet of client companies: Strategy, Talent, Product, Revenue and Operations.

Value Creation Assessment

Our data-driven playbook is born from experience and customized for every client. Each evaluation allows for transparency, and provides a pulse on company health. From here, we chart a course forward — together.

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In data we trust.

Using our proven formula-based IP — Value Creation Assessment or VCA —we are able to determine where there are deficiencies, as well as opportunities for improvement and growth.

We pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, then develop new measures for success. It can take some companies years to understand its true potential and to navigate the road ahead. With Orchid Black, these insights come quickly.

The numbers and the data tell the first story. Then, building on the results of the VCA, we come together as a team to share domain expertise. Orchid Black analysts and operators dig into industry trends as a key component to mapping a path forward. We also tap our larger trusted networks for additional ideas and insights.

Our Focus Areas:

Talent: The strength and potential of any company starts with its people. We help with search and recruitment to place the best minds and ensure culture and project fit.

Product: Improving products and services is where we live. By analyzing client offerings from all angles, we help companies evolve.

 From growth marketing to inspired brand messaging, we know what it takes to reach customers, increase engagement, and convert.

Sales: We use a data-driven approach to help businesses maximize sales growth by understanding and evaluating opportunities and risks.

Channel Strategy + Design: We  help you invest your resources in the right markets, initiatives, programs, and end-to-end solutions that will lead to the greatest return.

Our team of experienced operators architect growth from the ground up. We are with our clients through all phases of execution. We don’t just advise, we do.

Funding + Exit Strategy Development: Raising funds is about building a viable story, financial model, and exit plan that potential financial sponsors have confidence in. We work with you to craft a plan and model, and help you tell your story.

Execution + Operations

Orchid Black delivers viable blueprints with long-game potential — strategies that set our partner-clients up for impact and for the greatest outcomes.

For most companies, having a plan is not enough. It’s the implementation of that plan that matters and accelerates growth. Orchid Black closes the loop by deploying tiger teams to execute data-driven strategies and act on customized insights. Working alongside our partners, we reinforce client strengths and bolster weaknesses, filling in the gaps and performing as and where needed. This approach allows us to establish trust and effective, efficient working relationships with our clients as we show — and grow — value.