Talent Management Services for SaaS Business Growth

When it comes to talent, “no other factor is likely to make such a big difference” notes the Harvard Business Review. It’s vital to identify and place the right talent in the right place to maximize value, as vital as water is to a blooming orchid. Our talent and change management consultants understand that without the right talent, there is no growth. Additionally, the cost of hiring mistakes is extremely expensive, both in dollars and in lost opportunity time. 

Resources are an often overlooked area when developing a company strategy. Acquiring and retaining top talent and aligning them to business goals is as important as anything an organization will do. A diverse workforce where individuals are encouraged to contribute breeds creative thinking and problem-solving. Since resources are finite, it is paramount to make the right talent decisions. Building a team of qualified talent that is going to treat your clients like you would treat them is not easy, and it's even harder at the earlier stages of a company. 

The expertise of Orchid Black is unmatched and they have been an incredible asset to our company's growth. They helped hone our strategy by running their Value Creation Assessment (VCA) process and provided coaching as we navigated product-market fit and evolved our organizational structure.  As a part of our formal advisory board, OB has guided us to 10x growth over the past 12 months.

—Rosa Shores, Founder & CEO, BlockSpaces
Optimize + Maximize the Value of Your Talent

Culture Design & Coaching: Create a strong company culture that is shared, pervasive, enduring, and implicit. 

Organizational Design & Talent Management Services: Improve how decisions are made, how the team works together, and how products are delivered to clients and partners.


Acquisition & Retention: Upgrade employee selection, onboarding, training, professional development, and career pathing.

Performance Management & Compensation Planning: Align company goals to employee goals and incentives. 


Operators-as-a-Service & Succession Planning: Access the best executive talent available as fractional executives, advisors, or coaches. If there’s a gap, we  fill it. 

Board Strategy & Execution: Create a Board of Advisors or Directors, and propel the success and accountability of all members. 


It’s imperative to have well-defined talent management services and an execution framework —a purposeful culture, organization, and team talent —to achieve consistent talent acquisition and retention. This means looking beyond short-term needs and planning to align with long-term goals and growth strategies. 

Talent is a key reason for exit valuation “discounting.” This is often due to ineffective culture, lack of team alignment, high turnover with insufficient operating experience, or no clear talent strategy. As the founder, chances are you may even be stuck in the “day-to-day” of the business and relying on unsuitable team members.  

To optimize and maximize the value of your talent, Orchid Black’s change management consultants leverage their expertise to help you map and execute your culture, leadership, and team needs. Our growth services program includes multiple talent solutions.