Bob Caruso: Endeavor Management

Endeavor Management is a management consulting firm that leads clients to achieve value from their strategic transformational initiatives. Endeavor provides operational insight and broad industry experience that enables teams to understand the dynamics of client companies and markets.

The Challenge

As with every start-up, my partners and I bootstrapped the business from a dead start. The critical challenges were to build an experienced team, develop thought leadership, methods and tools to attract a diverse client portfolio as quickly and professionally as possible while building the supporting infrastructure. We had some advantages, as well as the passion and energy to assist our client’s success.

My Role

Managing Director

As an active member of the executive team and one of the founding partners, I led global activities for the firm, including client development, project execution, and overall profit and loss for my “Customer Enchantment” practice. This practice blended driving memorable customer experiences and developing organizational priorities to assist clients in building an organization that captivates the emotions of their customers.

The Work
  • Building a Customer Experience practice was primary. Leveraging my deep experience and relationships, I worked to create a brand for Endeavor in the CX strategy space.
  • Thought leadership, methods, and tools were the foundation. Active client recruitment was the goal. Within a few months, we were seeing strong market acceptance of our ideas and our team.
The Outcome

Endeavor moved quickly to revenue production; from $1 million in our first year to $15 million by our third year, with a consistent upward trajectory. It was during this period where I developed the Customer Enchantment model and was a frequent speaker at customer experience conferences.

A key outcome of my work was engagement by a leading financial services company that set the standard in customer satisfaction for decades. I was asked to lead the development of a new role in the business called, “Process Owner.” Over the course of the work, in concert with key executives, we created an innovative approach to ensuring process ownership focused on maintaining customer advocacy while opening digital options for banking transactions and insurance claims. I’m proud to say that results  were dramatic, with growth in both deposits and policy issuance.

Enchantment Cycle

Being sought out to guide a business I highly respected was an honor I value today. Working collaboratively to put customers front and center in a way no other business had done was a highlight of my career.

––Bob Caurso, Managing Director