Maximizing Enterprise Value for Tech Forward Business Owners

Experienced Growth Experts with Tailored Roadmaps for Success

Why Orchid Black™?

Our Mission
Increase your company's value

We position founders for liquidity

We partner with tech-forward companies to build smarter, better, game-changing businesses. Orchid Black ensures clients hit bigger milestones and see greater returns faster. You could say we’ve cracked the code. We are skilled problem solvers, operators, and entrepreneurs ourselves. We get it.

Our Clients
Tech forward owners and operators

We add products, revenue, or talent

Orchid Black’s sweet spot is powering-up founder-led companies — and accelerating outcomes. We also help private equity firms, family offices, and even big brands, turn the tide. Whether the end goal is market fit or an exit, Orchid Black strengthens its clients. Our relationships are transformative.

Our Method
Data + analysis + experts

We provide a custom roadmap

With data-powered assessments and customized blueprints, we deploy operators to roll up their sleeves and execute on our recommendations. Working side by side with our client-partners, Orchid Black mitigates financial and operational risk and builds mutually beneficial outcomes.

Orchid Black: The Name

Like with any prized exotic orchid, an exceptional company’s true value emerges from expert pruning and care. We tend and guide our clients, cultivating growth — and accelerating value creation. When properly nurtured, orchids thrive.

Our team works exclusively with cash flow positive companies, i.e. “in the black.”

Clutch top business to business company for Florida 2022

What our clients say

"ThumbStopper was a fast-growing business and like many, ran into scaling issues across departments around $3M ARR. While we had crossed over market acceptance, it was apparent I needed help scaling the company in a predictable way. I was introduced to Orchid Black, and they quickly diagnosed our company through a Value Creation Assessment (VCA) and designed a growth program. This program has ThumbStopper scaling revenue in a predictable manner, allowing teams to manage with data and processes. These process foundations have put us on a path to higher growth and a much larger valuation towards an exit. In a few months, we saw ~30% revenue growth, and I have confidence this will continue to multiply. I highly recommend that all tech founders who are looking to scale, effectively take a hard look at OB."

-Matt Brown, Founder & CEO, Thumbstopper

“Working with Orchid Black has been a real game-changer for FinListics Solutions. Their team of highly qualified professionals has helped us enhance our product-market-fit, enrich our marketing messaging, and improve our sales and other processes. All while catapulting growth. If you are not already engaging with Orchid Black, I strongly recommend you do so. You owe it to your top-line and market valuation.”

—Dr. Stephen G. Timme, Founder & CEO, FinListics Solutions

“The expertise of Orchid Black is unmatched and they have been an incredible asset to our company's growth. They helped hone our strategy by running their Value Creation Assessment (VCA) process and provided coaching as we navigated product-market fit and evolved our organizational structure.  As a part of our formal advisory board, OB has guided us to 10x growth over the past 12 months.”

—Rosa Shores, Founder & CEO, BlockSpaces

"Orchid Black quickly conducted a thorough analysis regarding our value proposition. This helped the leadership team align and focus through detailed product analysis to ensure the organization had a product roadmap aligning with STC's core strategy. OB's ability to coordinate and project manage to improve our branding was critical as we move forward to rapidly grow our organization."

—Kristina Crane, Chief Strategy Officer, STCHealth

“Not only did Orchid Black help me navigate a successful $36M strategic exit, but we have continued to work together to expand my personal mission by growing a new company in a blue ocean space. OB researched the market, built a data-driven strategy in-line with market needs and created the foundation of a scalable company that will be an even bigger exit than the last one.”

—Richard Smith, CEO & Founder, RiskSmith

“OB possesses that critical and rare combination of being able to think and execute both strategically and tactically. Assessing the market and establishing direction with conviction, hiring around that and building a team attitude to execute against is a method that comes naturally to their operators.”

— Managing Director

"We worked with Orchid Black on a Pricing/Packaging project for one of our key portfolios. Overall the project was a success. The team excelled in gathering and synthesizing a ton of qualitative and quantitative data through internal, customer, and partner interviews and primary/secondary market research. The team members added a lot of value with their B2B Enterprise Software expertise and rich experience of having worked in large Enterprise partner programs."

—Sr. Product Marketing Manager RSA Security

"Thoughtful, helpful and proactive. Recommend for any future research projects."

—EVP, Strategy & Operations