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Accelerating growth and creating value
for select companies

Why Orchid Black™?

Data is our ally

We are obsessed with analytics.

The seeds of our success lie in our Value Creation Assessment™. Developed from years of business learnings — our wins and our fails, this proven proprietary IP informs and guides Orchid Black strategy and execution.

Our bench is deep

We are experts in our fields.

As seasoned growth operators, our insights have impact. Simply put: we know how to move the needle. Our team ethos is “better together,” so when you partner with Orchid Black, we all show up — and the results are powerful.

Everyone wins

We are driven by performance.

Our aligned business model is calibrated for results. In every partnership, we work and take on risk shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Orchid Black’s unique working relationship creates value and drives growth.

... And we see green.
*Value created by Orchid Black Managing Partners
Orchid Black Named
Top Business Consultants
in 2020!
We’re super-proud to be the recipient of Clutch’s annual award that ranks the country’s top business consultants.  The data-driven field guide to B2B business analyzed over 1,000+ businesses and recognized Orchid Black partners as among the best in the business. Go team!
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What Our Clients Say

Our work with the Orchid Black team was a true partnership in every sense of the word. Years of business acumen have positioned us for new opportunities, and I place a great deal of faith and value in our shared relationship.

—Rohit Amarnath, CEO
Full 360

Activity on the app has grown as a result of Orchid Black’s work. Their team is flexible and insightful, offering useful recommendations while remaining accessible outside of regular business hours. Their expert guidance and transparent approach make them a valuable business partner.

—Misty Pleiness, CEO & Founder

I have hired Orchid Black as a CEO on three different occasions. In each case, they were able to clarify the vision and direction for the company while using their knowledge and experience with operational best practices to improve day-to-day execution.

—Philip Eliot, Managing Director
Paladin Capital Group