Sales Growth Consultants

Revenue is the primary driver of company value, period. But it is only valuable when it is predictable. Revenue, compared to a flower, only blooms with the right nurturing and preparation. If you want predictable results, you must have a consistent and programmatic approach to revenue — the people, processes, and technology to scale. You must have the right team, the right roles and goals identified, the most efficient processes, and the appropriate tools and technology. 

This is revenue management: operational excellence, from contact to cash, horizontally through the entire organization, every single department, every single hand-off. Each layer of your revenue model should be a programmatic, well-oiled machine. Without this precision and systematic training, you can’t deliver consistent revenue. On the other hand, with our sales growth consultants, you’ll see a predictable revenue machine, and you can focus your efforts on analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) and funnel math to make data-driven decisions. Now flowers will bloom

"I'm truly loving all the changes and the new direction that Orchid Black has brought to us. This is 10x more scalable than it was three months ago."

—Dave Ross, Vice President, Enterprise Development, Thumbstopper
Optimize + Maximize the Value of Your Revenue

Brand Strategy & Market Positioning: Optimize brand and positioning to inspire the market to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future.

Demand Generation Strategy & Revenue Growth Consulting: Replace leads with opportunities for sellers, and make revenue scientific via data-driven processes and systems. Create a sales development representative program to generate consistent pipeline.


Sales Strategy Consulting: Generate and execute a sales growth playbook: sales process, opportunity management, sales operations, quota setting, analytics, and reporting.

Salesforce Effectiveness & Enablement: Turn market demand into revenue by allocating sales resources effectively and enabling them effectively to drive revenues up and sales costs down.


Channel Design: Build a partner-led go-to-market strategy to increase scalability with the right channel partner ecosystem.

Strategic Partnership Development: Onboard, enable, and manage target partners effectively with the optimal people, processes, and technology. This must include a channel partner measurement and incentive structure.


Lack of consistent revenue growth is the primary reason companies receive a “discount” when it comes to exit. Likely issues include inconsistent messaging or brand positioning, long sales cycles, low close rates, scaling issues, high customer revenue concentration, and misaligned sales and marketing. 

There can be multiple issues that lead to a lack of consistent revenue. Orchid Black’s revenue growth consulting program includes multiple revenue growth services to tackle any challenges.