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Our boutique business growth services implement rapid growth strategies toward value optimization.

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What are 'Growth Services'?

Growth isn’t just important for companies, it’s essential for survival. We are an exceptional growth services firm that delivers the right strategies to quickly optimize business growth, resulting in increased revenue and exit value for Founders/CEOs. 

Our intensely curated collection of experts have a phenomenal track record of repeated success in architecting and implementing growth strategies. We also help private equity firms, family offices, and even big brands turn the tide. 

We focus on exit value maximization via the following outcome-focused services:

What If Your Company Was Worth Much More?

You’ve built a strong and profitable company. Along the way, you’ve  faced an endless stream of opportunities and challenges to bring your ideas and product or services vision to life. Now it’s time to realize the financial reward you’ve earned. What would that mean for you, your family, your employees—and your legacy?  

Find the signal. Ignore the noise.

We partner with companies to provide services that build better, smarter businesses that achieve value creation milestones, generating greater returns, faster. Using key quantitative and qualitative factors in five disciplines, we dive deep into your current state and future potential through data gathering and research.

Using these insights, we provide actionable opportunities for aggressive and efficient progression toward value optimization.

“Value is not about chasing multiples. It’s about creating “transferable value” by building the business in a manner that attracts and compels the right/best buyers and is stress-tested against due diligence and buyer criteria.”

—Jim Barnish Jr., Co-Founding Managing Partner

Value Creation Platform

Our passion? Working together to achieve your company’s highest goals. We do that through our proprietary Value Creation Platform; a proven, data-based service framework that evaluates company health, develops a growth plan, and partners on execution. Let’s break it down.

Phase 1: Value Creation Assessment (VCA)

Start with our proprietary difference maker.

We dive deep into the health and wellness of your company with a thorough diagnostic to discover where value creation opportunities exist, focusing on signals such as:
Our experts provide current state and future potential data insights and deliver a targeted, value creation roadmap geared for aggressive and efficient progression toward value optimization.

Phase 2: Growth Strategy

Architected from the VCA findings and tailored for your company.

‍This is where it all comes together. Our growth-focused engineers detail the activities, roles, timelines and milestones that drive value.

We identify potential exit targets and amplify the strengths of your business and team with hands-on execution focused squarely on creating value for your business and legacy. You can expect our growth strategy to:
‍It can take some companies years to understand their true potential and navigate the road ahead. With Orchid Black, these insights come quickly. And so does your company’s growth.

Phase 3: Execute your growth plan

Data, planning and experience comes together. 

We’re in it with you, side-by-side, as client partners. We don’t just put the roadmap together and hand it off, our team rolls up our sleeves and executes alongside you. 

We know the fortitude it takes to position your company for fast, high growth. Using an aligned business model in every partnership, we invest our expertise and take on shared risk.
Don’t just exit. Leave a legacy. 
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