Operations Consultants

A company’s operations are similar to the solid stem of a plant; your operations need to be the powerful backbone of the business. It’s fundamentally expected to have a results-driven organization that beats industry standards and protocols with balanced KPIs (key performance indicators). 

Operations strategies are critical to the basics and fundamentals that drive company valuation. Reasons for “discounted” valuations include cost and capital inefficiencies, ineffective processes and measurement, premature scaling, and sacrificing growth for profit margin. The result is falling short of “the rule of 40” (growth rate + profit margin.)

Orchid Black quickly conducted a thorough analysis regarding our value proposition. This helped the leadership team align and focus through detailed product analysis to ensure the organization had a product roadmap aligning with STC's core strategy. OB's ability to coordinate and project manage to improve our branding was critical as we move forward to rapidly grow our organization.

—Kristina Crane, Chief Strategy Officer, STCHealth
Optimize + Maximize the Value of Your Operations

Financial Analysis & Modeling: Predict the future using data to create reasonable performance forecasts.

Cost Management: Optimize costs throughout the business to inform operations and process improvement. 


Key Performance Indicators: Harness the KPIs used to evaluate company performance toward achieving business objectives. 

Operations Strategy Profitability: Enhance the multiple levers and options that can contribute to increasing profitability. Critical to managing as part of the budgeting process.


Business Process Redesign: Streamline how work gets done, how to deploy resources, and how to use technology to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Digital Transformation Roadmapping: Transform the technology stack and organization to drive efficiency and set the company up for future growth.


Done well, a strategic plan identifies your market, your growth plan, and your path to maximizing exit value. Yet equally important, is how you execute. Pairing operational planning with strategic planning is the formula for success. 

To optimize and maximize the value of your operations, Orchid Black’s operations consultants leverage their expertise to help map and execute your strategic finance, business process, and operational system needs. Our growth program includes multiple operational growth services.