Alex Brodsky: Nielsen

Nielsen provides retail and consumer data platforms, enabling better innovation, faster delivery, and bolder decision-making. They provide the complete truth through comprehensive data sets by measuring all transactions and delivering the knowledge businesses and consumers need.

The Challenge

Nielsen’s Enterprise IT division’s Client Portal was 15 years old and had over 150,000 customers accessing the platform each year. Using the platform had become a challenging experience for customers and the unreliable infrastructure often made it difficult for them to access their consumer data.  When there were issues with authentication and product access in the Client Portal, it meant that customers were unable to utilize Nielsen data to make key business decisions.

My Role

Head of Technology & Product

With over 10 years of experience building B2B technology solutions, my role was to lead the product strategy, product development, delivery to users, and customer adoption of the new and improved Nielsen Client Portal. With a global team of 70 resources and over 200 product stakeholders to work with, we learned what was needed and delivered a modern, cloud-native solution our customers loved. 

The Work
  • Executed over 100 customer surveys and internal interviews with key stakeholders to determine how the Client Portal could provide value to their team and end-users.
  • Developed product requirements and technical architecture with a 70-member software development team and delivered a cloud-native solution to the market in six months.
  • Led customer adoption to the new product by migrating key clients from the existing client portal to the new client portal one by one with an internal integrations team.
  • Created a stakeholder and customer feedback system that allowed for continuous improvement in order to  avoid going 15 years without innovation.
The Outcome

From start to finish, the new portal build was an exercise in team communication, technical excellence and attention to detail. The customer analysis done prior to building the solution led to developing the functionality that customers truly needed. The agile methodology followed by the team during the development phase created a powerful, predictable development team that delivered efficiently and effectively. The new platform had a cloud-native architecture built in Microsoft Azure that provided incredible stability. The new Client Portal was delivered to production and the migration was executed flawlessly. Ultimately, this new product delivered a great first impression as it was the first thing customers saw when they accessed Nielsen’s products, and is a big reason why the company is valued at over six billion dollars today.

New Client Portal Microservice Architecture

It is critical that you continuously communicate with your customers until you know everything about why they need your product. Often in product development, product leaders forget the “why” behind their product and leave it sitting for many years without consideration, rather than making hard decisions about improvement. When it comes to technology solutions, it’s important to remember the adage, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” 

––Alex Brodsky, Head of Technology & Product