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Lean In. Listen. Learn.

A new kind of Business Podcast about
"All Things Growth."

This business podcast is a place where we get down into the depths of a founder's story and expertise. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy; it's painful, it's ugly, it's dirty and it usually entails things that people don't want to hear. This show is meant to bring forward the trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs have encountered and overcome.

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This show will make you uncomfortable. But here at Orchid Black, we know that growth is far from comfortable. It's raw. It's real. It's dirty. And we are here to uncover everything that happens before an exit. Because at one time, even the yellow brick road was covered in dirt.  

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For Founders and Operators in the tech sector, The Dirt is a must add to your podcast wish list.  In over 25 years of building 5 separate SaaS companies, I haven't ever met an individual more dedicated to "digging in" to help founders scale and build efficiencies than Jim Barnish and his team"

Matthew Brown

As an entrepreneur and an admitted “do better” addict - it’s hard to find resources that give you both strategic and actionable insights into how to grow and exit a business without the typical podcast angle.  What I mean by that is - many podcasts have a software solution or a book or even an NFT they are promoting and don’t go deep because of it.  The dirt goes deep on topics for those looking to start, scale or sell a business.

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