Nicole Lev Ross: Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a global automotive service provider and manufacturer of tires for automobiles, buses, motorcycles and aircraft.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build out a customer profitability performance analysis platform that could be utilized by regional executives and marketing leadership to better understand customer behavior. The platform was segmented by a wide variety of categories such as region, state, retail store, automobile make/model, household level, and gender.

Objectives included building the project methodology, process and a working prototype that would be rolled out corporate-wide to plan for highly targeted promotions and advertising campaigns.

My Role

Senior Consultant

I was retained to lead and design the customer profitability data assimilation strategy by building a working prototype utilizing a big-data relationship marketing software application. 

The Work
  • The work included collecting, analyzing and normalizing 20 million unique data inputs stored in disparate data warehouses and at varying levels of detail. 
  • The data scoping was an arduous process of testing and integrating point-of-sales revenue and cost data, store-level financials, corporate profit and loss data, and ultimately calculating profit at the most granular household and automobile ownership level. 
  • I validated data, formulated the algorithms and tested the profitability measures against existing management tools and discussions at each step of the process to ensure the output met reasonability tests. 
  • Together with my team, we successfully provided a deliverable that illustrated annual and quarterly trends and preferences for automobile servicing, seasonality, and level of response to promotions or other key drivers.
The Outcome

The customer profitability prototype illustrated the many ways that customer-focused metrics can inform management decisions cross-functionally, thus building a consistent dialogue in how to better reach the customer via television, print, and in-store promotions with the goal of ultimately improving visibility into the car type preferences and level of repeat business by household.

Customer Relationship Value Development Profile

Customer loyalty cannot be underestimated. Loyalty happens when the individuals behind the counter and under the hood truly work together to create an exceptional customer experience, one that is built on trust and pride of workmanship.

––Nicole Lev Ross, Senior Consultant