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Wanted: Experienced strategists, analysts and operators who get it—and who have what it takes to launch companies to the next level, or an exit. We seek expert thinkers, doers, and connectors who challenge themselves, possess stellar track records, and take failures for what they are—learning opportunities.

Together we can do great things.

Orchid Black is committed to diversifying its talent and skill base. We have a ways to go and welcome diverse voices, experiences, and backgrounds on our team. All qualified for open positions are invited to apply.
Why work with Orchid Black?
Our team.

Collaborate with great minds.

We are a dynamic team of experts from across industries who bring their A game. Every. Day. Our ethos is simple: Work hard. Enjoy life. At Orchid Black, we are building a culture of collaboration, respect, and excellence. Join us.

Our clients.

Work with killer companies.

Selective about the businesses, partners and projects we take on, each Orchid Black engagement is thoroughly vetted for where we can deliver value and achieve amazing outcomes. We embrace compound challenges and work with best-in-class companies, as well as smart startups on the rise. Nurturing these relationships is part of every job description.

Our work.

Create possibility. 

Why do we do what we do? To solve problems, find solutions, and crush results. We take pride in each relationship, project, deliverable and outcome. Success at Orchid Black comes in many forms. Find yours.

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