Barry Saltzman: ENTEX

ENTEX is a provider of integrated personal computer management solutions that meets the needs of distributed information technology systems and end-user support requirements of Fortune 1000 companies and other large enterprise organizations.

The Challenge

With the proliferation of personal computers and networking solutions, ENTEX was a billion dollar business poised to become a leader in this industry sector. However, the company’s current operating model threatened to limit growth as it was structured and managed as a local/regional provider.

I was transitioned from the VP of Regional Services to VP of the National Pursuit Team where my role was to transform the company from a hardware and services company to a services-only company, and grow the organization to compete on a national scale by becoming a national services company (rather than a regional services company). 

At the same time, we wanted to structure the company to eventually sell the business as a single provider and we needed a national model to deliver on that goal. I was part of the leadership team involved with both of those initiatives.

My Role

Vice President of National Pursuit Team

​​I was responsible for sales, solution design and operational delivery of IT outsourcing deals for North America. 

The Work

I developed, implemented and managed a strategic plan to create a services-only business that was able to compete nationally to support enterprise accounts on a large scale, reengineering the Services Organization by creating a new structure for a national model. This included: 

  • Created new roles for the sales team to better drive consistency in pricing and profitability on all desktop outsourcing deals such as Microsoft, Fidelity, Coca-Cola, Met Life, etc.
  • Built and managed a national SWAT team that was responsible for implementing client-specific solutions for all deals, taking a client from current state to future state. This included developing a new onboarding process that delivered an accurate reporting process with improved transition speed, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Led the development and implementation of a national pricing model for all desktop outsourcing deals that led to increased profitability and successful engagement.
  • Developed and delivered training classes on the “Economics of Outsourcing” for all service managers across North America. 
  • Participated in the ENTEX Services Board of Directors to assist in the development of national consistency, introduced new service offerings, and reviewed key milestones and metrics.
  • Participated in corporate “roadshows” with the leadership team to pitch and present ENTEX to prospective buyers.
The Outcome

Responsible for increasing service sales by over 500 percent between 1994-1998. We grew from 35 million to over 200 million in revenue and created over 1,000 new jobs for technical personnel in the professional services and outsourcing services lines of business. In the course of five years, ENTEX grew from 25,000 seats under management to 300,000 seats. We optimized profitability and ultimately sold the company to Siemens.

The ultimate accomplishment was being able to bring together many different cultures, personalities, and skillsets to align under one mission. Having clients choose us over IBM Global was a very proud moment in my career. As a result of this experience, I now enjoy lifetime relationships with colleagues from all over the country that was part of this amazing journey.

—Barry Saltzman, VP of National Pursuit Team