Growth Consulting for Exit Readiness

You are the founder of a tech company. And you’re successful. You’ve hit $5 million or maybe $50 million in revenue, but perhaps growth has slowed, churn is increasing, or competition is passing you. You may be stuck day-to-day working “in” the business and you can't find time to work “on” the business. Maybe you want to exit, but were advised that your valuation was much lower than you expected. 

Across the Orchid Black team, we’ve seen this dilemma many times — as tech founders, operators and investors. Over time, our team has navigated its way through 90+ transactions and $24.8 billion in combined value creation. While impressive, if we had our future selves—experienced growth consultants—earlier in our careers, the number would be significantly higher. 

Our past selves needed growth experts to diagnose and advise on how to make the business exit ready, worth maximum value. That’s why we created Orchid Black.

Our Client Portfolio

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Your comfort zone is nice, but nothing grows there.

You have great ideas, great products, and great dreams of success. But sometimes, those just aren’t enough. We know how complex business can be — and how difficult it is to put all the pieces of a healthy enterprise together and break out of old patterns.

Are you tech-forward, yet stuck doing business as usual?

Orchid Black partners with growth-stage businesses with stubborn issues, companies that want to gain traction and achieve results but that are unsure how to get there. Perhaps the talent mix isn’t quite right? Or the strategies need fine-tuning? Or key data is missing? Our operators have seen your problems before — and solved them.

Other Companies We've Worked With

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