Path to Growth: The Orchid Black Method

Growth Process

All companies confront challenges. Orchid Black believes the highest likelihood of success is via its proven operator and expert-driven approach.

Orchid Black’s proven approach to growth begins with our operators who:

Value Creation Assessment (VCA)
Measure the maturity, growth potential, and viability of a company using our proprietary IP
Use key data outputs to identify your biggest risks, opportunity gaps & the main issues impeding your growth
Architect a customized roadmap to sustainable growth that’s backed by data & exclusive insights
Execute on a strategic plan to correct issues and ensure your company’s success

Orchid Black Growth Method

Orchid Black’s X-factor multiplier is its people. We use our collective business intellect, insights and experience to interpret client company data and give it insight. Then, with this knowledge, our operators clear a path to alignment, healthy growth and results-driven success.

Our formula for success starts with our Team who combine Data and Insights in our Value Creation Assessment:

OB’s method and unique approach to
growth empowers companies to thrive.

— Jim Barnish, Founding Partner, ORCHID BLACK
Our lens is human
  • We are powered by people.
  • Our team informs our work from start to finish.
  • Every engagement begins with our experts and passes through their filters for critical input.
  • Our distinctly human-first process stands apart.
We know the levers
  • The deep combined experience and insights of our operators is the core of our approach.
  • We draw on the training and exceptional track records of our team partners for guidance.
  • Experience is applied to our proprietary instruments, such as our Value Creation Assessment.
  • The results are undeniable—and far from binary or formulaic.
We cultivate success
  • We spark true business development, interpreting and enlivening data so that is has significance.
  • Using an individualize roadmap, Orchid Black architects and customizes value creation.
  • We empower companies to grow to new heights, hitting goals and meaningful milestones for founders, stakeholders, and investors.

We are bespoke business.

Let Orchid Black cultivate
your company’s growth.

Step up to success.