Orchid Black is a new kind of growth services firm.

We partner with tech-forward companies to build smarter, better, game-changing businesses. Orchid Black ensures clients hit bigger milestones and see greater returns faster. You could say we’ve cracked the code.

Human capital is our greatest asset.

Our differentiator is our team. Behind Orchid Black’s customized assessments, strategy and effective execution is its people. We are skilled problem solvers, operators, and entrepreneurs ourselves. We get it.

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Action speaks louder than ideas.

Cultivating a healthy business can be complex: smart strategy and roadmaps alone are often not enough to help companies hit their targets and achieve velocity. For this reason, Orchid Black picks up where management consultants leave off. 

In addition to data-powered assessments and customized blueprints, we deploy operators to roll up their sleeves, dig-in deep, and execute on our recommendations. Working side by side with our client-partners, Orchid Black mitigates financial and operational risk and builds a foundation of trust, co-accountability and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our Mission

Using our experience-driven insight and execution, Orchid Black uplifts companies, amplifying their value in the marketplace — and in the world.

We help good businesses thrive.

The success of our business model hinges on the excellence of our track records. Our expertise and our IP empower us to strategize, execute, pivot when needed, and be confident in the results. Our clients’ wins are our wins, and vice versa. 

Orchid Black’s sweet spot is powering-up founder-led companies — and accelerating outcomes. We also help private equity firms, family offices, and even big brands, turn the tide. Whether the end goal is market fit or an exit, Orchid Black strengthens its partner-clients. Our relationships are transformative.

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Orchid Black: The Name

In the lush jungle of opportunity, we hunt for that rare breed of partner — a promising business with a unique offering.  Like with any prized exotic orchid, an exceptional company’s true value emerges from expert pruning and care. We tend and guide our clients, cultivating growth — and accelerating value creation. When properly nurtured, orchids thrive.

Our team works exclusively with companies that are cash flow positive, or already in the black.

When we empower our partners, they flourish.