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Most business owners who have mastered growth eventually end up asking themselves questions like: How will I know if it's the right time to sell my business? What steps do I need to take to prepare my company for an exit?  Where can I go for help?

In this solocast, Jim Barnish outlines how to time a successful exit.  Selling your business can be very stressful - lots can go wrong.  However, when done correctly, a business owner can achieve life-changing results, both financial and emotional.  

Some of what Jim gets into: 

  • Understand your motivators:  It can be beneficial to think through the different motivators all business owners have—financial motivators, strategic motivators, and personal motivators. 
  • Know when the time is right: A good time to sell your business is when you have a strong motivator, you are confident you will meet you financial goals, and you are psychologically prepared to sell.
  • Lessons from LinkedIn’s exit: From this sale ($26 billion!), business owners can learn what an ideal transaction can look like, including tangible growth opportunities, ease of integration, complementary solutions and services, and ability to work together to grow market share.



Jim Barnish has spent the last two decades growing tech companies as an entrepreneur, operator and consultant. Jim now runs Orchid Black, a growth services firm complete with growth experts just like Jim that share an incredible track record maximizing growth and enterprise value for founder-led tech companies with at least $3M ARR that are “in the black” (profitable).

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