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Lift Up: Establishing a Culture

Episode 44
Episode Summary

Lift Up: The Story of SPOC Automation

The story of SPOC Automation is one of innovation, growth, and a commitment to the core values of its culture. Founded by Bobby Mason, SPOC Automation has seen an incredible increase in revenue, tripling this year and expecting to double annually over the next few years. The company’s mantra “Lift Up” is at the core of its culture and mission, and it is the driving force behind its success.

In this episode of The Dirt, Bobby Mason, CEO and Founder of SPOC Automation, shares his story of how he built a culture of excellence in his business. Bobby shares the importance of defining core values, mission, and purpose, and how they can help create a strong foundation for success. He also explains how he has used outside consultants to help validate the strengths and weaknesses of his company, as well as how he has implemented voice of the customer and voice of the employee initiatives to bridge any gaps in communication.

Defining Core Values, Mission, and Purpose

When it comes to creating a culture of excellence in your business, Bobby believes that it is essential to define your core values, mission, and purpose. He explains that it took his leadership team only 45 minutes to come up with their five core values: gratifying, committed, solution-focused, caring, and passionate. Having a clear understanding of these values and how they relate to the mission and purpose of the company will help to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.

Hiring and Firing Based on Culture

Bobby explains that it is important to hire and fire people based on culture. He believes that if you can be genuine and authentic with your core values and mission, you will be able to attract the right people and create a successful team. He also emphasizes the importance of providing closure to employees, so that they can feel appreciated and know that their hard work is making a difference.

Utilizing Outside Consultants

Bobby has found that utilizing outside consultants can be incredibly beneficial for a business. He explains that they can help to provide a non-biased, neutral viewpoint that can help to identify any blind spots or areas where improvement is needed. He also emphasizes the importance of vetting any consultants before hiring them, to ensure that they are the right fit for your business.

Achieving Growth Through Technology

Technology has been at the forefront of Bobby Mason’s business growth. As an early Salesforce customer for 20 years, Bobby has leveraged technology to build his business from the ground up. He also uses Paycom for payroll, video messaging, emails, and other business transactions. Bobby believes that investing in technological platforms is key to achieving growth and success.

The Benefits of Asking for Help

Bobby also emphasizes the importance of asking for help and advice. He hired consultants to help him double production and map out material flow. Bobby believes that it is better to hire an outside consultant than to try and do everything yourself. He also acknowledges that it is sometimes hard to ask for help, but it is an investment in your business.

The Benefits of Consistent Communication

According to Bobby, communication is essential for scaling a business. He has implemented a culture of communication, with frequent meetings and actionable items. Bobby also grades every meeting on a scale of 1-10 to ensure that it was a good use of everyone’s time. He believes that having a consistent communication structure is key to achieving success.

The Benefits of a System

Bobby recommends that businesses invest in a system to improve operational efficiency and productivity. He suggests that businesses create a list of their biggest challenges and stack rank them. Then, they should focus on solving one problem at a time and be relentless in doing so. Bobby believes that having a system in place is key to achieving success.


Growing a business is a long and difficult journey. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of help from consultants and advisors. Bobby Mason, the founder of a nine-figure family of companies, knows this all too well. In this podcast episode, Bobby talks about his journey and how he has leveraged technology to improve operational efficiency and productivity. He also emphasizes the importance of asking for help and advice, implementing a culture of communication, and investing in a system to improve operational efficiency and productivity. 

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