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Episode 43
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Creating a Successful Classroom Market: Interview with Aditya Nagrath

The classroom market is a growing industry, with many businesses looking to make their mark. Aditya Nagrath has been at the forefront of this industry for years, and he has some unique insights into how to make a successful classroom market. In this podcast episode, Aditya shares his thoughts on how to market to teachers, how to create a successful customer life cycle, and how to involve family members in the business.

Four Out of Five Students Enter Kindergarten Unprepared

According to research, four out of five students enter kindergarten unprepared for the kindergarten curriculum. This means that they are unable to meet the prerequisite of counting to 10. The main barrier for this is that the top 20% income earners can send their students to preschool and ensure that they can count to 10 before entering kindergarten. 

The professor who presented this research showed that the percentile at which students entered the education system in kindergarten happens to be the percentile at which they exit the system coming out of 12 years old. There is very little movement up, and this all happens along income lines. This means that if a student comes in and is not able to understand the teacher, then they don't do well in our educational system. 

The Mission of Elephant Learning

Dr. Arath, founder and CEO of Elephant Learning, has decided to be part of the solution to this problem. For the last six years, he has been helping more than 150,000 students learn nearly two years of math in a few short months. His mission is to empower children with mathematics by determining their level of understanding and building their language quickly from there. 

Mathspace uses adaptive algorithms to help students accelerate their learning. By focusing on essential topics and using problem-solving techniques. Mathspace helps students learn language through inference. This is done by teaching them numbers and other concepts in the same way a parent would, and then having them answer questions like “how many?” and “give me two or three things”. This helps students build intuition and understand the language of coding quickly.

How to Market to Teachers

The classroom market is a growing industry, with a focus on providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the classroom. Aditya Nagrath has been involved in this industry for years and has a unique perspective on how to make a successful classroom market.

Aditya believes that the best way to market to teachers is to provide research studies, white papers, and other educational materials that are both informative and persuasive. He also suggests that sales forces and teacher training can be effective, but that they have limited reach. The key is to find a new way to reach teachers that is creative and effective.

Creating a Successful Customer Life Cycle

Aditya believes that the key to creating a successful customer life cycle is to provide additional modules that can extend the customer’s life beyond the initial four to six months. This could include additional courses in math, reading, science, and coding. Additionally, Aditya suggests that charging for additional courses could be an effective way to keep customers engaged.

Involving Family Members in the Business

Aditya and his wife have been involved in the business for a long time, and he has some advice for other business owners who are considering bringing their significant other into the business. He suggests that it’s important to trust your family members and to make sure that they are well-trained in HR and other business functions. Additionally, Aditya believes that it’s important to be honest and open with your significant other about the challenges of running a business together. 

Aditya uses the basketball analogy to explain how disempowerment can occur when hiring family members. He explains that if the family member is not given the opportunity to take shots and make mistakes, they will not believe they can do the job. This is why it is important to hold family members accountable and give them the opportunity to succeed.


It is important to find the right balance between supporting your family and building an effective, sustainable business. Aditya’s experience and advice can help founders make the best decisions for their businesses and family members. 

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