Steve Gersten
Operating Partner
Professional Experience

Executive Leadership, Sales Management, Marketing, Operations, Organizational Management, Analyzing Investor Funding, Investor Relations, Teamwork/Motivation, Management Consulting, Public Speaking, Profit and Loss Strategy, Business Forecasting, Business Development, Executive Presentations, Company Integrations, Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operations, Competitive Analysis, International Markets, Marketing Communications, Entrepreneurship, Community Relations, Philanthropy/Volunteerism.

Sector Experience

Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, Communications, Management Consulting, Sales Consulting, B2B.


Steve Gersten of Tampa, FL is an executive-level leader, operator, and catalyst for sales growth and operational process improvement with a strong track record of identifying, planning, translating, and driving business goals into gains that help increase profitability. A highly trusted advisor that has provided strategic guidance to leadership teams and investment organizations, Steve has an outstanding reputation for executing against high-performance service level requirements and quotas to help firms achieve and exceed their sales and profit targets. Additionally, he advises management on strategic execution and presentation messaging for investor relations programs including roadshows, raising capital, and day-to-day communications. Throughout his career, Steve has accentuated a consistently proven ability to define, organize, and execute day-to-day operations within budgetary and time constraints. A dynamic manager who is capable of leading teams to produce outstanding results, Steve has taken pride in coaching and mentoring individuals to perform at optimal levels across many business functions and geographies.

  • 25+ years of experience in sales management, operations, marketing, business development, investor relations, organizational management, and administration management
  • Served in senior and executive leadership teams for mid-market and publicly traded companies such as Computer Associates (CA), Elephant Talk Communications/Validsoft, Ltd, Persystent Technology, Zixit Technology, and Fortress Technologies
  • Iron Dome Ventures: Created a highly successful business and technology consulting organization from the ground-up
  • Computer Associates: 15 years as an executive sales leader with many roles including an executive in charge of the NYC office with 50 sales professionals and 25 sales engineers supporting a 500M dollar office; part of a team to analyze the merger of 75 acquisitions into CA