Nicole Lev Ross

Operating Partner

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I have over 25 years as a successful corporate development executive, entrepreneur, and consultant in heavy industry, investment banking, and consumer products. I am skilled at acquisition assessment and valuation, holistic business transformation and have demonstrated partner-building, project execution, public speaking, and fostering lasting, meaningful relationships. I have assessed, valued, and sought to acquire, sell or recapitalize over 150 companies on behalf of management or investors. As an entrepreneur and former business owner of a successful women's fashion apparel and accessories distributorship in North America, I understand the plight of the business owner to completely satisfy and delight those who support the product or service.

*Literal North: Managing Director - Founder of a corporate strategy consultancy specializing in B2B commercial due diligence, market sizing and segmentation research; Clients include AllTranstek, Bridgestone, Firestone, Underwriters Laboratories, and French and Japanese multinationals. (See Abstract)

FreightCar America: Corporate Development Manager - Led efforts to acquire 50+ acquisition targets; sourced, led and integrated $23M acquisition.

Agua de Limón: Founder & CEO - Wholesale distributorship of Brazilian-designed apparel and accessories reaching over 300 retailers nationwide; increased profit year-over-year by 150% for three years. Products seen in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, US Weekly and other fashion magazines. Advisor to various luxury fashion entrepreneurs.

StarMedia Networks: Strategic Development Director - Led strategic sales at StarMedia Network and provided analytics to business development; institutionalizing sales automation across nine global markets via innovative pricing tools that exponentially increased sales of digital advertising and broadband products.

: Chicago Booth - International MBA; Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil; University of Iowa - BBA, Dean’s List; La Universidad de Las Américas, Puebla, México.


# Digital Media

# Energy & Utilities


# Retail / CPG

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Awards & Organizations

- Moderator & Host: Freight Transportation Research Conference Panel

- Co-Editor: Closer Look Railcar Annual Publication and Transportation Newsletter

- Participant in Pioneers of Change: A Learning Journey on Sustainable Development, Brazil

- Award: Stanley H. Kaplan / Pan-Hellenic Council

Articles & Case Studies

"When The Stakes Are High," The Literal Journal

Nicole Lev Ross
“Trust thyself. Every heart vibrates to that iron string.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet

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Jaworski illustrates a collective form of servant leadership centered around a commitment toward creating for its own sake and operating without preconception. Through his personal and professional journey and through dialogues with great intellectuals and scientists of his time, Jaworski proposes that true leadership happens through collectively listening to what is wanting to emerge in the world and then having the courage to do what is required.

Still On My Bucket List:
Trek through Patagonian glaciers on horseback.
Best Business Advice:
When the journey gets rough, return to base camp, regroup, refuel and then start anew.