Nick Tarsi

Senior Associate

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I joined Orchid Black as the first Associate Partner in May 2018. I have worked on multiple client projects that span companies of differing stages, industries, and disciplines. I have a strong passion for 21st century organizational design initiatives (holacracy, teal organizations, etc.) and their effects on a constantly-evolving workforce.

*F100 Cybersecurity Company: Project Manager - Pricing & Packaging (P&P) revamp to modernize their industry-leading product which lost market share over the last 10+ yrs. to SaaS competitors. (See Abstract)

*KPMG: Implementation Support - Led implementation efforts on a govtech project responsible for implementations across 90+ state offices directly servicing ~1.8M people. (See Abstract)

Top-Tier PE Firm: Multiphased due diligence project, 50+ calls were sourced and interviews conducted with various ecosystem stakeholders.

Tech-Enabled Services Company: Led business development efforts growing 150%+ YOY and >$1M in second year operating.

Education: Pennsylvania State University - B.S., Security & Risk Analysis.


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Awards & Organizations

- 2021: Orchid Black Associate Partner-of-the-Year

Nick Tarsi
“Running your own race demands trusting yourself even when others don’t.”
—Robert Smith, Vista Equity Founder

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“Sometimes which choice you make is not as important as making a choice and committing to it.” Make this book that choice.

Still On My Bucket List:
Hike the Grand Canyon.
Best Business Advice:
You're in the business world, no one dies when you make a mistake—don't stress over the little things.