Lauren A. Koenig

Strategic Partner Manager

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I’m a change-agent by nature with deep experience in travel tech and a penchant for disruptive innovation. Born and raised in the American Midwest, I’ve lived in France, Silicon Valley, and NYC, where I most recently founded TWIP—Travel With Interesting People—to address key gaps in travel personalization. TWIP's patent-pending technology empowers brands to engage with consumers at a meaningful, highly customized level. Great products, smart UI/UX, and brand integrity is where I live.

*Orchid Black: Associate Partner - Rebranded Morgan Hill Partners to Orchid Black. (See Abstract)

TWIP (Travel With Interesting People):
CEO & Co-Founder - Created state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology: Travel Behavior / Personalization.

Built the brand, ideology and behavioral assessment.

Education: Ball State University - B.A., Telecommunications (News), Minor in French.


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Awards & Organizations

- PhocusWright Summit Travel Award: People's Choice Winner - Runner Up, 2017

- Penfold’s “Maximum Funding” Competition, 2018

- KLRA: Volunteer-of-the-Year (Muskoka, Ontario, Canada), 2019

- Owner: Nine TWIP Trademarks

- Ball State University: Presidential Academic Scholarship

Lauren A. Koenig
“If you want to take the island, burn the boats.”
—Julius Caesar, Roman general and statesman

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Still On My Bucket List:
Watch an AC/DC concert in Australia.
Best Business Advice:
Ignore the noise and find the signal.