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As a domain expert in consumer internet, publishing, media, and B2B information services, I have over two decades of experience leveraging market and customer insights to inform and build bold strategies and innovative digital platform businesses that establish, restore and accelerate growth, profitability and new value creation for early-stage and mid-market companies.

*MembersFirst: President & CEO - Blueprinted and operationalized strategy for a B2B vertical SaaS platform provider, evolving it into a highly profitable, multimillion-dollar category leader and driving 400+ percent organic revenue growth. (See Abstract)

MyTeam.com: Co-Founder - Secured $10M in funding and $2M in pre-launch sponsor commitments as a challenger brand that displaced the category leader.

*Ziff-Davis: SVP - Orchestrated the consolidation, turnaround and divestiture of marginalized business units creating  >$150M in new enterprise value. (See Abstract)

Gatehouse Media: President/GM - Ideated and architected a $45M elder-tech platform business on a $2M investment as the lead innovation initiative of a corporate transformation strategy.

Education: Northeastern University - B.S., Business Administration.


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Awards & Organizations

- 2021: Orchid Black Operating Partner-of-the-Year

- Mass Hi-Tech: "Tech Citizenship" Award

- Boardroom Magazine: "Excellence in Achievement"

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John F. Blake
“Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games.”
—Babe Ruth, American professional baseball player

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