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I am a self-directed and driven business unit leader with comprehensive, executive accomplishments leading and creating revenue budgets, corporate development, marketing, product management, brand strategy, financial modeling, new product development, and capital raising. I am known as an innovative thinker, using interdisciplinary design thinking to develop novel solutions. One of my favorite things in life is solving complex problems with data-driven solutions.

*Liberty BioSecurity: Director of Business Operations – Developed advanced research and development optimization strategy; developed and led capital raise strategy resulting in term sheet. (See Abstract)

Ikanik Cannabis: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Developed and currently leading capital raise strategy resulting in multiple high value targets. Co-created brand development and product mix strategy.

Capital Area Community Action: Consultant - Developed ICP outreach strategy resulting in greater touch points in the community.

Education: University of South Florida - B.A. Economics and Communications; The University of Tampa - MBA.


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Go beyond IQ—think EQ

Jay Malone
"Those who dream the biggest, do the most incredible things."
––Walt Disney, American entrepreneur, animator, writer, voice actor, and film producer

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In a world where most are focused on specialization, we are losing the beauty of the generalist. Which, in my opinion, is creating inefficient echo chambers. Range provides further context and examples of the benefits generalists provide. Range also exemplifies the usefulness of neurodiversity in individuals and organizations.
Still On My Bucket List:
Climb Mount Denali in Alaska.
Best Business Advice:
Decide the friends, mentors and leaders you want in your life, in your inner circle, and court them with emotional generosity. Make it matter.