David Steen
Associate Partner
Professional Experience

10 years entrepreneurial experience, 3 years professional experience across key functions such as Business Development, Sales, Operations, and Strategy in technology startups and professional services. Strategy Consulting, Go-to-Market Planning, Market Research & Analysis, Fundraising & Investment Strategy.

Sector Experience

An early adopter of Blockchain technologies with 9 years of technical, self-directed trading experience and Investment Management across various asset types (FX, Equities, Derivatives, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets). Deep understanding and exposure to Supply Chain Tech, FinTech/WealthTech, and DLT. Served in consulting capacity to businesses within: Healthcare Tech, BioTech, IoT, CPG, and SaaS.


David is an entrepreneurial individual with strong analytical and strategic competencies, having been involved in and led high capacity engagements within startup and growth companies. Starting his first businesses at a young age and having always been on the cutting edge of technology, David is a natural innovator that combines data and foresight to solve challenging issues. 

  • Led the development of data-driven strategic recommendations for a VP (directed for the CEO) of a multinational oil & natural gas engineering company to consider a multi-billion dollar, long-term investment in a new market vertical
  • Built go-to-market strategies & strategic plans based on market analysis for multiple early stage and growth companies
  • Managed an incubated blockchain startup from a funded parent company through initial strategy phases & prepared company for funding
  • Keynote speaker at an international blockchain conference in Berlin in 2018