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While apart of eight start-ups or early stage companies, I have been successful by scaling business development and sales teams and their supporting functions. I also have created interdepartmental communication flow and processes which is critical to aligning front-end business development efforts with back-end operational execution. I thrive in problem-solving scenarios where the speed to attain clients and beat competition is critical. Whether it’s start-up or early-stage companies, or more mature companies that need to create or reinvent, my passion and track record is to win.

M3Linked: Chief Executive Officer - Launched September 2020; 7th startup/early stage company.

*Centria Healthcare: Chief Sales Officer - Led business development and strategy and was part of the leadership team at Centria Autism Services as we became one of the fastest growing providers of ASD  (Autism Spectrum Disorder) therapy. (See Abstract)

Groupon: Senior VP of Sales - Led and grew the N. American sales team from 40 to 800+ sales representatives, and grew revenue 3,000% in 17 months which led to annual bookings of $1B and annual revenue of $450M.

Surespeak: Founder & CEO - Created patented technology used for communication training for sales, public speaking, stutterers and learning disabled; technology deployed at Quicken Loans; helped to grow the sales team from 170-2000 sales reps.

Education: Michigan State University - B.S., Multidisciplinary Studies, focus in Economics, Communications and Psychology.


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Awards & Organizations

- Patent Holder 6,705,869: Method and System For Interactive Communication Skill Training

- Company exits: Centria 2019, P/E acquisition; 2011 Groupon 2011, IPO

- Companies: Eight start-ups or early stage companies

Articles & Case Studies

The Sales Fix Podcast: Episode 13 - Business Development and Leadership Expert

Darren Schwartz
“Winners see what they want. Losers see what they don't want. Don't let the game eat you; you eat the game.”
––Moe Norman, Canadian professional golfer

What I'm Reading / Listening To:

Hunter S. Thompson was a ground-breaking, rule breaking, disruptive author who did it his way. I find his passion to cast away norms and trail-blaze his own path inspiring.
Still On My Bucket List:
Break 70 on the golf course, fly-fish in Montana and finally have my ACL repaired.
Best Business Advice:
You can't agree on strategy until you agree on philosophy.