Chris Freeman

Operating Partner

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Simply stated, I really like helping businesses succeed. Having created a multitude of major hospitality companies, the latest achieving $23M in annual revenues, employing over 750 people across eight states; I realized it was time to exit. Now my passion is leveraging my experience to help new and growing companies excel—and make strategically sound real estate decisions.

DDB Worldwide: Launched State Farm into banking and mutual funds, managed a $330M annual budget, achieved $2B in AUM within one year of launch

United Airlines, First USA, Marriott, Emerson
: Strategically planned all direction and tactical marketing implementations

Four Corners Tavern Group:
Founder -  Grew >$80M hospitality development and operations company from the ground up, EBITDA between 16% and 22% every year - consistent growth for 22 straight quarters

: Founder - $30M hospitality development, concept and operations company spanning nine states, 750 employees

: Ohio Wesleyan University - B.A., Economics & Journalism


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Chris Freeman
“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” (If there is a way I'll find it, where there is not we will make it.)
—Hannibal Barca (circa 200 B.C.), general and statesman

What I'm Reading / Listening To:

Being present for every moment. Creating different neural pathways; allowing former, inefficient or even detrimental ones to grow in.
Still On My Bucket List:
Coach all of my children at some point.
Best Business Advice:
Learn something from every single person, even if it is just how not to be an a**hole.