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With over 35 years of experience in multiple verticles, I have a wealth of experience in the high tech industry, holding executive and leadership roles in a wide array of sectors (motor drives, robotics, information technology, telecoms and biotechnology) that provided a firm foundation for the challenging CEO leadership and advisory mandates that followed.

Bell Canada: Project Director - Led turnaround of software, QA and project management functions, as well as customer interface.

Vitrium: CRO, CEO, Executive Chairman - Restructured operating functions, Introduced new funding to restore viability.

*Visible Genetics: Senior Director of Software, General Manager - Built software team to complete development of a DNA sequencing solution to an HIV diagnostic instrument; led company through FDA approvals (510k); on sale of Visible Genetics to Bayer Inc, became VP/General Manager responsible for all molecular diagnostics business in N. America. (See Abstract)

Education: University of Bath, UK - B.S., Electrical/Electronic Engineering; University of London, Imperial College UK - Ph.D., D.I.C. Computing & Control.


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Awards & Organizations

IEEE Prize: Exceptional academic results in Electrical Engineering

Chris Butlin
“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president (of the university).”
—Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

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The book is part of a trilogy addressing how people and society developed into what they are, why attitudes and motivation are what they are with projections into the future. Invaluable information to guide anyone providing leadership to motivate people and lead culture change. Personal interest enhanced by the book's treatment of AI - a topic I researched at its inception in the 70's as part of my Ph.D.

Still On My Bucket List:
Write and publish a book: It will be a novel for sure, focusing on the Jekyll/Hyde biases in all of us.
Best Business Advice:
Even if you are the subject matter expert: build skills and leadership in other team members. A proficient team achieves more than one expert and a bunch of followers.