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Associate Operating Partner
Alex Brodsky, Associate Operating Partner, Orchid Blacklinkedin

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I have over a decade of experience as a Product Strategy and Technology Delivery leader in Enterprise, SMB, and growth-stage startups across a broad range of industries. Over the course of my career, I have demonstrated the ability to develop scalable frameworks that leverage data-driven insights, help businesses make better decisions, and ultimately build revenue-driving solutions that customers love.

*Nielsen: Head of Product & Technology - Designed and delivered B2B Client Portal platform in the cloud with over 150K customers. (See Abstract)

Ashley Furniture E-commerce: Technology Leader - Led Product Strategy, Agile Transformation and Software Development for E-commerce platform launch that earned over $100M in its first 18 months.

Medline: Strategic Technology Advisor - Redesigned Business and Technology organizations to be more efficient, effective and predictable with their product development and delivery.

Toyota: Technology Manager - Developed platform and communication plan that informed 15K+ employees of Toyota's relocation from CA to TX.

University of Iowa - B.S., Computing.


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# Big Data

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Alex Brodsky
“If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”
—Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

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I'm learning how the best companies in the world move from failure to failure, while adapting, iterating on, and improving their initial ideas as they continually learn from customers.

Still On My Bucket List:
Move to Japan with my family for three months.
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Seize incredible opportunities that come your way.