Strategy & Advisory.

Tailored and insightful strategic consulting and advisory services for growth-stage companies.

A strategic analysis is an essential part of any company’s success story. But it’s simply not enough to refer to data and charts to make a strong plan that achieves the goals and objectives you have set out. 

We use analytical tools and data to perform a comprehensive analysis of your business, identifying the areas most at risk, then work as your strategic partner
to add insightful context to quantitative and qualitative data.  

Fix what isn’t broken—yet.

Your business faces change every day from both internal and external factors, with the potential to disrupt your business quickly. It’s how you plan for and manage change that makes the difference between rapid improvement or suffering from inertia. Orchid Black delivers data-driven strategies that set our partner-clients up for impact and the greatest outcomes.

Our Strategy & Advisory Services

GTM & Market Growth Strategy  
Go-to-market and market growth strategy projects identify and address the factors that determine a product’s success. We deliver an actionable and research-based plan for a successful product launch or the continued growth of an existing product.

New Market Entry Launches 
Entering a foreign market is a daunting task. In a company's  home market, the brand benefits from the underlying cultural, demographic, economic, and regulatory factors. Translating and migrating to the U.S. requires an understanding of new rules. We will work with you to build a business strategy that will ensure sustainable success in the U.S. market.

Pricing Optimization & Strategy
Pricing optimization initiatives focus on making changes in pricing and packaging to meet business goals in a changing market . With business increasingly done online and the explosion in SKUs offered to customers, pricing optimization is an essential part of building a pricing strategy to drive purchasing of products and services. 

Projects include new product pricing, channel pricing and value-based pricing by analyzing company and market data, using pricing analytics, financial models and predictive models to inform new and improved pricing strategies.

Executive & Investor Presentations 
Thoughtful, well-informed and polished presentations are essential for effectively communicating the state of your business and instilling confidence in your vision and brand.We will craft a cohesive and compelling narrative that allows you to keep all relevant stakeholders apprised of the state of your business, plans, challenges, and opportunities.

Strategic Business Planning 
Set your organization up for long-term success with expert research, insight and support throughout the strategic planning process. Services include corporate strategy development, marketing planning, financial planning, and more.

Startup/ScaleUp GTM Planning (Strategy Workshop)
The efficient execution of a go-to-market plan derives from how well the plan fits the growth strategy of the new product in its specific industry and market segment. We deliver a sound go-to-market planning service to companies in all stages of the product life-cycle. Our involvement can be as basic as a one-time planning session all the way to the comprehensive planning, preparation and launch of the program.

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