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SaaS Growth Consulting for Exit Readiness

You are the founder of a tech company. And you’re successful. You’ve hit $5 million or maybe $50 million in revenue, but perhaps growth has slowed, churn is increasing, or competition is passing you. You may be stuck day-to-day working “in” the business and you can't find time to work “on” the business. Maybe you want to exit, but were advised that your valuation was much lower than you expected. 

Across the Orchid Black team, we’ve seen this dilemma many times — as tech founders, operators and investors. Over time, our team has navigated its way through 90+ transactions and $24.8 billion in combined value creation. While impressive, if we had our future selves—experienced growth consultants—earlier in our careers, the number would be significantly higher. 

Our past selves needed growth experts to diagnose and advise on how to make the business exit ready, worth maximum value. That’s why we created Orchid Black.

Creating Transferable Value

More tech companies will be acquired over the next ten years than ever before. At Orchid Black, our combined experience and insights of entrepreneurs, operators and strategy execs develop a growth program to provide you the missing ingredients to maximize your value.

We work with an exclusive group of B2B software companies and traditional businesses with software companies “locked” inside of their existing business. In both cases, we engage when we see a line of sight to significantly increase the value of the business over the next six to 36 months.

In our model, the majority of our compensation is tied to your success. Our growth consultants relentlessly focus on your value by aligning and optimizing around Revenue Enhancement, Product-Market Fit, Cost Improvement, and Capital Optimization.

Value is not about chasing multiples. It’s about creating “transferable value” by building the business to attract the right buyers and ensuring that it’s stress-tested against due diligence and other buyer criteria. Whether you’re looking for an exit or transaction, we partner with you to drive your best possible outcome.

Now acquirers are calling you. And you are not trying to sell, you are getting bought.

“Value is not about chasing multiples. It’s about creating “transferable value” by building the business in a manner that attracts and compels the right/best buyers and is stress-tested against due diligence and buyer criteria.”

—Jim Barnish Jr., Co-Founding Managing Partner

How We Work

We focus on these five core growth pillars: Strategy,Talent, Product, Revenue and Operations. In each of these areas, we execute a proven methodology for exit readiness. It’s built on three key steps.

We dive deep into the health and wellness of your company with a thorough diagnostic to discover where value creation opportunities exist, focusing on signals such as:
These aren’t just off-the-shelf service offerings — it's a growth program. In each step, we’re in it with you, side-by-side, as partners. We don’t just put the roadmap together and hand it off, our growth consultants roll up our sleeves and execute alongside you.

The growth program applies to all the key areas of your business. We see this as similar to the growth of an orchid.

It begins with strategy, the roots of the plant, a strong foundation to feed the base and stem of the plant: your operations. To nurture this plant requires water—the company’s talent—a lynchpin to growth. If nurtured correctly, the operations stem, the backbone of the business, produces leaves—the company’s product. The leaves in turn, produce the ultimate goal—flowers, or in this case, revenue.

See how this proven method powers value optimization in each of the five growth areas:
Don’t just exit. Leave a legacy.
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