Case Study.

Strategic Pivot Maximizes Returns For Fintech Firm

A B2C fintech firm with over $30M in revenue and 30K customers was poised for growth but lack of strategic vision threatened to diminish its valuation. Orchid Black designed a new go-to-market strategy based on market data and executed over seven months to increase valuation by 55 percent producing a 4000+ percent return on investment.


The Challenge

After seeing growth stall, a leading fintech company needed a new strategic vision to drive growth. They believed their current go-to-market strategy was insufficient to raise the capital they needed to kickstart growth. The company engaged OB to help them raise capital against a new go-to-market strategy that would drive the future growth of the company. As a result of our analysis, Orchid Black pinpointed a number of obstacles that were hampering the company’s performance, including:

- Revenue concentration

- Company governance

- A limiting go-to-market strategy

- Misalignment between the management team and board

The Solution

Orchid Black conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company’s market which led to a strategic redesign of the go-to-market strategy. The project began with a deep-dive market assessment which was translated into a new strategic vision for the company. The company, with OB’s assistance, executed on the new strategic plan diversifying its revenue streams and focusing on valuation maximizing activities. Throughout the process, Orchid Black helped to identify potential quick-wins to execute on right away, as well as deep-dive analyses of potential long-term wins.

  • Developed a strategy to package the IP of the company and find a buyer
  • Eliminated all non-essential members of the workforce
  • Found and presented to potential buyer

The Outcome

The fintech company, with Orchid Black’s help, executed on a new go-to-market strategy that realized a 55 percent jump in company valuation and a project ROI of 4000+ percent. As a result, the company was able to sell off a legacy business unit at a vastly increased valuation while retaining core IP to grow the future of the business.

About Orchid Black

Orchid Black was founded on the principle that deep industry knowledge, pragmatic operating expertise, and a unique playbook produce superior results. We create strategies and deliver operational support, aligning with stakeholders to achieve objectives. Honed at hundreds of technology companies, our innovative, capital-efficient Operators as a Service model is battle-tested. It works.