Case Studies.

Leveraging Digital Marketing as an Engine of Growth

Identified and designed the essential digital assets needed to strengthen brand equity for a genetics assay instrument manufacturer.


The Challenge

A manufacturer of genetic analysis instruments had built a product that made testing in molecular genetics faster and more accurate. What they lacked was the necessary brand equity to communicate the technical features of the product effectively to their target audience: researchers and medical professionals who would need to understand the functionality of the product before requesting a demo. The risk of a failed product launch was real, highlighting the critical need for a strong, multi-channel digital presence.

The Solution

Orchid Black operators created a digital identity and messaging strategy for the company, implemented across multiple channels, targeting primary personas. The plan encompassed:

  • Brand voice and messaging. Operators conducted extensive market research, identifying competitors and establishing customer pain points and value drivers. The outcome of the research was a re-imagining of the brand and messaging, targeting clinical trial customers and lead researchers at genetics research labs. Rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs, the messaging and communications strategy positioned the company as an innovative solution-provider.
  • Analytics-driven website. A highly actionable, analytics-driven website was the cornerstone of the company’s digital identity. It contained resources and FAQs pertaining to the product, directly answering questions from biotech researchers and medical professionals, driving awareness of the company.
  • Persona-targeted content marketing plan. A multi-channel content publishing plan amplified brand identity by situating company leadership as thought leaders in the genetic assay niche. A strong top of funnel fed into a healthy pipeline; the company gained widespread recognition and buy-in on clinical results reports associated with their product.

    The results were certainly not lost on the company CEO, who had this to say about Orchid Black's engagement: “(OB) helped me to market 2x faster than I anticipated with triple the growth planned in year one.”

The Outcome

- Adoption by 400+ US clinicians
- Initiation of two clinical studies
- 1000% increase in website traffic
- Increased conference and partner exposure for CSO

The rapid deployment of a robust, multi-channel, analytics-driven digital presence was the critical driver of growth for this tech player.

About Orchid Black

Orchid Black was founded on the principle that deep industry knowledge, pragmatic operating expertise, and a unique playbook produce superior results. We create strategies and deliver operational support, aligning with stakeholders to achieve objectives. Honed at hundreds of technology companies, our innovative, capital-efficient Operators as a Service model is battle-tested. It works.